President's Message

Toastmasters is a non-profit educational organization that offers an affordable, learn-by-doing program where people can have fun while practising their communication and leadership skills in a comfortable supportive environment.

When I joined this club 6 years ago I wanted to improve my public speaking skills. I discovered that the Toastmasters' educational program also teaches leadership skills. And what I was learning and practicing I could use not only at work, but at home, in volunteer work, and in other social situations. I admit I was quite fearful at first, but as I continued to practice speaking and leading in various agenda roles I relaxed. Now I am confident to take on a leadership role or to speak on a moment's notice inside or outside of the club!

Our club attracts an eclectic group of members who join for various reasons. Some may be very introverted and scared to speak even in small groups of people. Some are very outgoing and comfortable with speaking but would like to polish their skills. Many are somewhere in between the two. Others want to advance their careers and can see that the Toastmasters program will help them do that. We come from different walks of life, from professionals, to trades people, to students and even retirees like me. Retired now for 1.5 years, I continue to improve my skills to transfer to my community volunteer roles. I also enjoy helping others progress toward their Toastmasters goals.

What I like most about our club is the friendly, relaxed atmosphere. What I appreciate most about the Toastmasters education program is the mentorship program in which experienced members are assigned to new members to give them personal attention, suggestions and support. .

Toastmasters has been helping people with their communication and leadership skills for almost 100 years and now reaches around the globe. This fall the Pathways program will launch Toastmasters training into the world of technology while still keeping the traditional values of integrity, respect, service and excellence.

I invite you to visit the North Bay and Area Toastmasters meeting so you can see for yourself what the club can do for you! Please join us the first and third Wednesday of each month.

I am honoured to be the North Bay and Area Toastmasters Past President for the 2018-2019 year and I welcome all guests and new members.

Brenda Scott, CC ALB, Past President
North Bay & Area Toastmasters
Club #585369, Dist86, Div N, Area 2


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